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So hey,

I so did not mean to leave my journal dead for.... [checks desktop calendar]....Oh, wow.


I've been participating sporadically on a few Lj haunts (well, two) and even that has suffered...for the most part I sorta been swallowed up by my offline universe where it concerns work and relationships. Which is not to suggest my life has been super-exciting; it really hasn't. It just turns out that I've really, REALLY begun to suck at multi-tasking as Ive gotten older. RIP ladypolitik's youthful spazziness; #GetOffMyLawn. The brief skinny.Collapse )

That's the skinny for now. Thanks to everyone who even had me on their minds and thought I was somehow worthy of a private shout out or a Lj Nudge. I promised myself years ago I'd never get "nudged", but alas.....FAIL.  ♥
13th-Jul-2012 05:38 pm - *Attempts the Tightrope*
music | Janelle Monáe
I dont think I ever mentioned it here yet, but long story short where summer fun times are concerned, poetic_pixie_13 and I went to the Toronto Jazz Festival back in late June to see JANELLE MONÁE LIVE; STILL SHAKING AND CRYING.

You might recall where I obscenely exposed my stan-hood for her a while ago, so as you can imagine, I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW.  We had spots RIGHT up front and got to touch her and EVERYTHING.
  • She is too fierce
  • Her band is so flawless
  • My hips/legs were MEGA-sore from jumping up and down/dancing. HURT SO GOOD.
Me and Pi were like

the whole show, pretty much.

Some pics:

Warning for semi big-titudeCollapse )

30th-Jun-2012 12:58 pm - *Exhales; weeps*
TV | Dean Pelton
Friday was the last day of work for me until September (as far as I'm aware).

I want to do nothing else but savour that point for a good 24 hrs. Because this was, by far, the most exhausting school gig of my career, thus far.

I applied to a few permanent positions (different schools). Only had one interview so far (for the school I was just with). We'll see how that goes.

Other than that, Im going to spent the next two months eating, cooking, Stay'cation-ing, summer romance woo'ing, marathon show-watching, consistently updating this damned journal for the first time in maybe 8 months, and not thinking.

*Goes back to bed*

ETA: Also, my apologized to anyone who ever sent me a personal/non-comm related private message over the last, uh...6 months. I will try my best to get back to you asap. 
movies | Impish Fräulein2
  • Ontario Literacy (and mock numeracy) standardized tests were this week. And about 2 prior months of teaching students how to regurgitate information, rather than absorbing the skills for the sake of learning/getting the.. I hate it so effing much and am glad it's over.

  • It's officially 2 months into semester two, and I can officially claim to have That Class From Hell (re: the class that becomes a dumping ground for all the students nobody else wants to teach, and thus an über concentrated level and unfair battle arena of disciplinary and special needs-based learning challenges to both teacher and students). The only thing missing is the Nice White Lady™ archetype. Fortunately.

  • In the process of backing up my hard drive and then formatting the laptop. It keeps crashing, spitting out gibberish error messages, and system-rebooting. It'll be a miracle if I can post this update before it suddenly reboots. Expletives.

  • The Foo Fighters are fucking awesome.

  • After a brutal, long-ass week, the weekend is finally here. Tears in mine eyes.

7th-Feb-2012 11:24 pm - Time. To. SHRED.
music | Janelle Monáe
I completely slacked off on keeping yall posted on my guitar hunt, but long story short, I found The One™. Say "hello" to my lil' friend:

More sexy pics:Collapse )

I had soooo much fun trying out different guitars over the last few weeks, but this baby has my heart.

It's a Taylor GS Mini, a standard steel/6-string acoustic guitar, beautiful mahogany, dark natural finish topwood like I've always wanted (here's the lighter, Sitka Spruce topwood equivalent)  and best of all, it's a reduced scale, travel sized version of the standard Taylor Grand Symphony acoustic (perfect for my little hands and general ~diminutiveness~), yet for a little thing it packs a rich/booming tone. It can fit into an airplane overhead compartment! Love, love, love.

Dot, dot, dot.Collapse )

Stupid Grin Mode for a month, to be honest. I think this is my favourite purchase ever, after the car. I'm in love. It's perfect. Best early birthday present to myself, ever.  Unf. Just unf.
2nd-Feb-2012 10:50 pm - Holy cyber-neglect, Batman.
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It's absolutely shameful that the last time I updated was to offer a partly-intoxicated New Years greetings.Collapse )

It's been a hellova semester, and the bit of chaos that comes with having at least one class of tiny monsters is about to transform me into a far less laid-back/more "mean" teacher for second semester. You know, that one new-ish, formerly bright-eyed/bushy-tailed teacher everyone had in high school: the one that second term students exclaim "Gahhhh!! What happened?! What did they do to you last term?!" over.

Well, you happened, my little pretties. You happened.

I still love what I do, of course, but establishing my signature teaching style has been a little challenging, so I'm a little keen to experiment. We're trying "Miss Ball-Buster" for a while, just to see where it takes us. But I'll leave the cattle prod outta it. For now.

*back to schnapps marking exams*

P.S. Oh hey, 2nd semester = a new contract gig. Hooray, for this is the first time I've taught 2 semesters, back to back, and thus shall be my first ever September-to-June 'typical' school year.
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