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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Alternative Perspectives.

Omissions/distortions tend to be made in mainstream coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some of the misleading coverage would have you believe that unrest in the region will be doomed to continue with no real resolution in our lifetime. This has resulted in the general public being grossly misinformed about the facts that characterize progress, coalition-building and peace prospects within the conflict.

The following links provide alternative efforts, on the part of both Palestinian and Israeli/Jewish groups, scholars and NGOs (whether working independently or collaboratively) to assess and resolve the conflict in the best interests of all persons affected in the region.

Israeli-Palestinian (and International) Peace Coalitions

  • Ta'aryush: The Arab-Jewish Partnership

    • A grassroots movement of Arabs and Jews that resists racism and segregation; promotes a future of equality, justice and peace via Israeli/Palestinian solidarity; vocalizes ending Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories; and advocates full civil equality for all Israeli citizens.
  • Bat Shalom: Coalition of Women for Peace
    • A coalition of independent Jewish and Palestinian women (all citizens of Israel) and nine women's peace organizations, promoting coexistence since the founding of the state of Israel, and taking action to amplify the voices of women calling for peace and justice for all inhabitants of the region.
  • Gush Shalom ("The Peace Bloc")

    • An extra-parliamentary organization whose aims are to influence Israeli public opinion towards peace/conciliation with the Palestinian people based on: ending Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories; reinstating the pre-1967 "Green Line"; recognizing in principle the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees; and safeguarding the security of both Israel and Palestine.
  • Alternative Information Center: Palestine/Israel
    • A joint Palestinian-Israeli NGO which engages in dissemination of information, political advocacy, grassroots activism and critical analysis of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; as well as provide a bridge through which Palestinians and Israelis can meet, communicate, and work together to promote common goals.
  • U.S. Campaign To End the Israeli Occupation
    • A diverse, U.S.-based coalition using non-sectarian frameworks and strategies to inform, educate, and mobilize the public on the US role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to support peace, justice, human rights, and international law.
  • Combatants for Peace
    • A group jointly established by Palestinians and Israelis who have taken an active part in the cycle of violence (Israeli soldiers in the IDF and Palestinians as part of the violent struggle for Palestinian freedom) who now advocate/participate in non-violent resolutions to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict peacefully.

Palestinian Human Rights & Peace Organizations

  • Jerusalem Center for Social & Economic Rights
    • A Palestinian human rights NGO devoted to providing representation on social/economic rights to the Palestinian community in Jerusalem, and systematically challenges discriminatory Israeli legislation, regulations, and practices, which violate basic Palestinian rights in Jerusalem.
  • Al-Haq

    • An independent Palestinian NGO (Ramallah, West Bank) that monitors, documents and advocates against violations of the individual and collective rights of Palestinians under international law, irrespective of the identity of the perpetrators.

    • Provides a safe space, self-education, healing, and activism for Palestinian women who identify as lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, questioning and intersexed. ASWAT also (a) combats the multilayered discrimination that LGBTQI women face within Palestinian and Israeli communities; and (b) contributes experiential knowledge to a growing feminist/gay multicultural discourse.

  • Al-Awda: The Palestinian Right of Return Coalition
    • A broad-based/non-partisan/democratic and charitable organization of grassroots activists and students committed to comprehensive public education on (a) the rights of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands of origin, and (b) full restitution of all their confiscated/destroyed property in accordance with various international human rights laws upholding such rights.
  • International Solidarity Movement

    • A Palestinian-led, nonviolent movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian, and supporting and strengthening Palestinian resistance through providing (a) international protection and (b) a voice with which to nonviolently resist an overwhelming military occupation force.
  • Palestine Monitor

    • An international network of writers and political activists that carry out alternative analyses of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, present the occupation from a Palestinian perspective, and highlights the credibility of a lasting peace settlement via full scale democracy, equality for Palestinians, and internationally recognized human rights in Israel and Palestine.

  • The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem

    • A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting applied research, technology transfers, sustainable development, and the self-reliance of the Palestinian people through greater control over their natural resources, as well as advising more efficient methods of resource utilization, conservation, improved practices, and appropriate technologies.

  • Palestinian Medical Relief Society
    • A grassroots, community- based health organization of Palestinian doctors/health professionals seeking to supplement the inadequate health infrastructure caused by years of Israeli military occupation. PMRS's national health programs emphasize prevention, education, community participation, and the empowerment of people.

Israeli and/or Jewish Human Rights/Peace Organizations

  • B'Tselem: Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
    • An independent Israeli human rights organization (made up of prominent academics, attorneys, journalists, and Knesset members) that acts primarily to change Israeli policy in the Occupied Territories and ensure that its government, which rules the Occupied Territories, protects the human rights of residents there and complies with its obligations under international law.

  • The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
    • A non-violent, direct-action group established to oppose/resist the Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses, and mobilizes Israelis and Palestinians to rebuild houses in the Occupied Territories as a vehicle of resistance and grassroots peace-making.
  • The Foundation for Middle East Peace
    • A non-profit, charitable/educational organization dedicated to promoting a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It publishes the Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories, which provides detailed, authoritative analysis, data, commentary and maps on the conflict.

  • Jewish Voice For Peace
    • A community inspired by Jewish tradition to support peace activists in Palestine and Israel and building coalitions with Jewish, Arab-American, faith-based peace and social justice organizations, and works for the aspirations of Israeli and Palestinian security, self-determination, human rights, social justice and peace.

  • Jews For Justice For Palestinians
    • A network of Jewish-Britons (practicing and secular, Zionist and not) opposing Israeli policies of occupation in the Palestinian territories.

  • Machsom Watch

    • An organisation of peace activist Israeli women for the rejection of policies that negates Palestinian freedom of movement within their own territory, and for an end to the Occupation that destroys Palestinian society and inflicts grievous harm on Israeli society.
  • Yesh Din

    • An organisation of Israeli volunteers of various personal, professional, and political backgrounds, whose mission is to document and disseminate accurate and up-to-date information about the systematic violation of human rights in the Occupied Territories by raising public awareness of such violations, and by applying public and legal pressures on government agencies to end them.

The Israeli Military Refusnik Movement

The following are networks of Israeli military conscientious objectors (conscripts or reservists) who refuse to serve over the Green Line, as well as peace organizations that support men and women conscripts who refuse to serve entirely in the IDF (based on The Combatant's Letter) in favour of a "two-state" solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

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